Self-Leadership for Agents of Social Transformation

Social transformation starts with personal transformation, as Gandhi said: “Be the transformation you wish to see in the world.” In this course you will learn to better manage your time and your life, to be more effective as an agent of social transformation.


Target Population:

Meant for all those who wish to better organize their time and their life to become more effective as agents of social transformation.


Performance Goal:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to manage their time more effectively and efficiently.


Learning Objectives:

In order to achieve this goal, during the course students will learn to:

1. Develop their personal vision, mission and roles, and objectively self-evaluate for continual learning and improvement.

2. Analyze their life in terms of the relative importance and urgency of their activities, and organize their week based on those priorities.

3. Take proactive initiatives and persevere in meeting the goals they set for themselves.



1. Two-hour introductory speeches

2. 40-hour participatory workshops

3. Two-month online courses

4. Full college/graduate level courses