Governance & Democracy for a Culture of Peace

Given the growing crisis of democratic governance and citizen participation, this course reviews the underlying erroneous assumptions and the principles and practices needed to build new sociopolitical alternatives.


Target Population:

Designed for people who are interested in sociopolitical issues and in fostering democratic participation at any level.


Performance Objective:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to apply the elements of a new sociopolitical framework to their personal lives and the organizations they participate in.


Learning Objectives:

In order to achieve this goal, during the course students will learn to:

1. Interpret current sociopolitical events in the light of an historical framework that is at once coherent and evolving, realistic and hopeful.

2. Deepen into the causes and effects of today’s sociopolitical crises and develop a shared vision of a desirable alternative

3. Critically analyze the mental models that would hinder achieving that vision and outline a conceptual framework to replace them.

4. Apply the new conceptual framework to implementing new sociopolitical models for achieving the shared vision.



1. Two-hour introductory speeches

2. 40-hour participatory workshops

3. Two-month online courses

4. Full college/graduate level courses