Vahid Masrour


Vahid MasrourVahid Masrour is an organizational psychologist with broad experience in designing and facilitating training workshops. His theoretical grounding includes the Moral Leadership program created at Universidad Nur by Eloy Anello and Juanita de Hernández, Peseschkian’s Positive Psychotherapy, and systemic thinking.

In his personal life, Vahid has accrued broad intercultural experience, summarized as a lifestyle that can be described as “world citizenship”. His operational approach is centered on consultancy, seeking to promote change in organizations, communities, and educational institutions. His interventions include promoting significant conversations in which collective participation can lead to transforming minds and relations.

His appreciation for the potential of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have lead him to reflect on using them to transform educational models, and he is easy to find on the ‘network of networks’.