Juanita Hernandez


Juanita HernandezJuanita Hernández was born in the United States, but has spent her adult life in Latin America, particularly in Guatemala and Bolivia. She studied Psychology at the Rafael Landivar University of Guatemala, took an MA in Social Development at Universidad Nur of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and has graduate studies in the field of Education. 

Since 1990 she worked with Dr. Anello, co-founder of the Universidad Nur in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, developing the conceptual framework of Transformative Leadership for a Culture of Peace and its 19 capabilities, and wrote 12 modules for its "Community Development" program. 

Juanita has written several modules on education and more than a dozen books for youth and grassroots organizations, many of which are available through Editorial Gems (www.gemas.discernir.com) and others in digital form for Kindle through Amazon.com. She also operates the online magazine "Transformándonos" (http://www.transformando.discernir.com/) 

Juanita has facilitated numerous workshops on the topics of these materials, and her specialty areas are Leadership and Training for Trainers. She is also a co-founder and instructor of the Education for Peace Program EDUPAZ (http://www.educacionparalapaz.org/).