Jaime Villacís


Jaime VillacisJaime Villacís graduated Summa Cum Laude from the New Jersey City University with a B.A. in Media Arts in 2004. His video “Haiku” was awarded third place in the state-wide “New Jersey Young Film and Videomakers Festival” in 2003. Soon after graduating, he earned the Dr. Drew Award to Excellence in Audiovisual Production, awarded to the best student of Media Arts at NJCU.

From 2005, Jaime worked at producing events and short films with a Quito-based group called SAPO INC. He worked as a camera assistant with Simón Brauer on the feature film “A estas alturas de la vida” by Alex Cisneros and Manuel Calisto. He currently works in Quito as an independent audiovisual producer with “La Increíble Sociedad”, and as a translator / interpreter.

Jaime collaborates with the Culture of Peace Program in the audiovisual field, because he believes that communication, rational dialogue and humor are the best ways to establish a culture of peace and ensure the progress of humanity.