Carlos Lopez


Carlos LopezCarlos is an environmental attorney, lecturer and speaker specializing in the National Environmental System, Citizen Participation, Human Rights, and International Humanitarian Law. He is a researcher and analyst of environmental issues with emphasis on conceptual frameworks, systems thinking, alternatives for sustainable development and creating virtual environments for university programs. He is also a manager, consultant and trainer of NGOs on issues of social and educational leadership, human rights, socio-economic and community development, and the environment.

Carlos authored the "National System Manual" and its multimedia complement "Ecolegis". He is the founder and CEO of ANISA–Colombia, a nonprofit corporation for social, environmental and cultural development, and manager of the pilot project "Colombian Forum for Building Social Alternatives (ALTERNAR)," which does capacity building for unified social action. He has experience working with vulnerable populations displaced by armed conflicts, drug traffic and adverse social conditions, especially training and empowering community youth.

Carlos organizes and produces of artistic, cultural, academic and social events, with an emphasis on community development and environmental management. Finally, he is a professional songwriter/singer of "music with a message" under the pseudonym Carlos de Avila, as a guitarist and performer, both solo and as a band member..